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We explore the politics of today … why we are losing our freedoms and spotlighting areas of increasing government control.

Our choices are those that educate and inspire us to be the change we want to see.

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Richard Maybury offers profound insights to help us penetrate the curtain of deception promoted by mainstream media … about the economy and world affairs. He offers insights to help us understand the policies that lead to economic chaos. One video we particularly recommend on his YouTube site brings us a lesson people throughout history have experienced … the corrupting nature of political power.

It seems odd to those of us who live in democratic countries, that there is a necessity to defend our health freedoms from our own governments.

It seems straight forward that individuals should have the freedom to access products and services from the natural health system as well as the established medical system. How is our freedom to choose being threatened? …
Ed Griffin, Founder of Freedom ForceEd Griffin, founder of The Reality Zone and Freedom Force International reveals how he set out to help a medical doctor friend who was in trouble with the medical authorities. The doctor was finding a naturally-occurring substance found in apricot pits—laetrile or vitamin B17—was effective in helping patients overcome cancers. Ed reveals, “I had no idea how much voltage was in the wire I was about to grab. … The science of cancer therapy was not nearly as complicated as the politics of cancer therapy. … it didn’t matter if the therapy worked …” 
Shawn Buckley, Founder of the NHPPA In the following series of twelve 6 to 10 minute videos, Shawn Buckley, a constitutional lawyer in Canada, outlines how we are allowing “the state” or our governments to take away our freedoms. His information is relevant to many countries as he spotlights how government works, using as examples, two bills proposed by the government of Canada. Shawn’s remarks speak to all of us in that an international body is applying pressure to governments around the world to implement restrictive regulations.

Part 1: A key question: How will you answer?
Part 2: Two choices: Which would you prefer?
Part 3: A paradigm shift: Have you made this change?
Part 4A: Governments not walking the talk: Are you represented?
Part 4B: Safe natural products removed: Is this what you want?
Part 5A: Regulator bias: Is your life at risk?
Part 5B: Removing products caused deaths: Does this shock you?
Part 6: Facts that makes us laugh: Why is this so serious?
Part 7A: A life or death issue: Are you aware?
Part 7B: Regulators not accountable: Should they be?
Part 8: Tactics to watch for: Have these tactics convinced you?
Part 9: The smooth passage for safety: Are you safer?
House of Numbers"House of Numbers" is an insightful look into the AIDS and HIV story. It rocks the foundation upon which all conventional wisdom regarding HIV/AIDS is based. It features interviews with leading scientists from around the world. It asks the hard question: Does HIV really exist?

The documentary explores how research is skewed for monetary gain and political purposes. The relationship between poverty and AIDS is examined and the benefits of AIDS drugs are questioned. House of Numbers could well be the opening volley in a battle to bring sanity and clarity to an epidemic gone awry.

Bringing Change to Our World Freedom Force International, founded by G. Edward Griffin, is a network of people from all parts of the world who are concerned about the loss of personal liberty and ever-expanding government power. Rather than complain, they have become part of a plan of action. They share a common belief in The Creed of Freedom, a statement of principles that guide them in their mission to build a better life for all.

A free weekly e-newsletter pulls unfiltered news and commentary from numerous sources. Ed Griffin calls his weekly update, “an antidote to Newspeak” on topics pertaining to your freedom, health, and financial security.
Shawn Buckley
Natural Health Products Protection Association (NHPPA)
The NHPPA was formed to bring a stronger voice to Natural Health interests when dealing with government. The NHPPA represents consumers as well as small to medium size health product manufacturers and retailers.

Shawn Buckley, a leading health freedom advocate and constitutional lawyer founded and heads up this organization. Shawn is recognized as an effective spokesperson for the Natural Health Industry. He has also successfully defended some of the Natural Health companies that have been threatened by Health Canada.
Canadian Charter for Health Freedom
The Canadian Charter of Health Freedom gives us an exciting fresh focus for change and our freedom of choice in health care. The Charter envisions a health care system that is fully sustainable, culturally diverse and encompasses natural, traditional and conventional medicine. The Charter of Health Freedom is proposed as legislation to give Natural Health Products their own Act.
The National Health Federation (NHF) offers an E-news on an as needed basis. Their focus is on the international scene as they are the only consumer organization represented on the Codex Committee—a group that meets to create regulations governing Dietary Supplements and Special Foods world-wide. This committee is jointly run by the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) of the United Nations. The NHF also reports on regulations proposed by the US government.
Shadows of the Future This 10-minute video by an award-winning filmmaker examines the possibilities of a future where international government bureaucracies like the WTO and Codex Alimentarius — working in league with multinational corporations, control the food and medicine supply worldwide. The video features the National Health Federation (NHF) as they are fighting for our freedoms and they have a seat on the World Health Organization committee setting standards for our health products.
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